Corporate Yoga

We offer a range of services to help individuals and corporate achieve physical and mental wellness. From yoga classes to motivational speeches, we have something for everyone.

YOGA AND MEDITATION – If we do suitable yoga meditation even for 5 minutes, we get inner happiness and joy. New person who come to experience meditation/ yoga is made to happy with our customized service as required by individual as per his/ her body, mind, feelings and leaving lifestyle. We achieved many success in customized services with comfort level of individuals.

Today’s era is of immediate results, if people connected with yoga get to experience positive vibes and internal bliss very first day itself, Then we feel happy, in this busy and stressful life, Newcomers feel stress free and relax. New learners can feel positive waves in the brain, through which their faith in yoga increases, so we try to give happiness to our yoga learner in starting itself.

Happiness with yoga is the theme of our project which is also a project which gives happiness in real, for which our team is very confident.

Nowadays, the workload in the entire corporate sector is so much, due to which mental and physical stress comes, it is our endeavour to remove physical and mental stress and we have been successful in that.

It has been a special achievement for us to do yoga for 100+ corporate companies so far. As per requirement in companies, we also do yoga on chair.

As per need, We perform ASANAS, which can be done while sitting or lying down, even on office chair. It is suitable for them who has neck, cervical, spinal problem, We perform suitable Asanas to relax and come to it’s normal estate. By Asanas lower back pain are treated perfectly.If someone has excessive time related to spine, then their solution is given after group session.

Be aware of our specialization


Solving all back related problems quickly

So far 500+ slip disc cervical spondylitis and sciatica patients have been cured successfully.

Chair Yoga

We also offer chair yoga sessions specifically designed for office settings to cater to the needs of corporations. Chair yoga is a modified form of yoga that can be practiced while sitting on a chair, making it convenient and accessible for individuals with limited mobility or those who spend long hours working at a desk.

“Thyroid” is also treated

Meditation – Most of the people are afraid of the name of meditation. We believe that if someone meditates even for 5 minutes, then his myth goes away that meditation is boring and difficult. With efficient efficiency, we can enjoy through meditation. makes you feel.